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Not Your Typical Screen Printing

Search “screen printing” on the internet and you will find nearly every single company throwing around the same, tired ad words. Whereas “highest quality” used to mean literally just that, it has been diluted to the point of “we own a screen printing press and have used it.” While we are supremely confident in our quality and sure of our ability, we refuse to be one more company reducing ourselves to that level of generic-ness.

What separates us from the “other guys” is our experience, attention to detail, and the level of dedication we feel towards each client. From consultation to design. From selecting the perfect ink to printing to packaging. We are a small team of real, live human beings who commit ourselves to the art of screen printing, not just the process. We use our eyes, hands, and hearts to produce the type of products and level of quality we want to attach our name to.

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