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Platt’s Printing’s initiation into the world of benefits and fundraising was swift and eye-opening. On a blustery night in December 2012, a saintly, tired woman sauntered through our lobby doors clutching papers crowded with notes, hash marks, reminders, T-shirts sizes, sketches, and scribbles. When she gradually revealed the meaning behind the mess, we knew we had to try to help however we could.

Since that night, we have offered our services and merchandise at reduced prices (and with a little extra pride) to numerous benefits and fundraisers across the state. Our hope is that the convenience of these products and prices will make what can be a difficult and tedious process at least a little easier and your undertaking far more successful. And, at no extra charge, you get the guidance and advice from a team of people who have been through this before. A team of people who want nothing more than for you to succeed.

Fundraising Strategy Guide

Learn our secrets for running the perfect fundraiser.

Fundraising Guide

We Support Your Fundraiser



Every great event starts with a great participant T-Shirt.



Promote your cause by selling custom hoodies before and during your event.



Tell the world about your upcoming fundraiser.



Promote your upcoming event with stunning posters.


Vinyl Decals

Sell stickers and decals that support your cause and help you raise funds.

Raffle Tickets

Raffle Tickets

Raffle off prizes at your event and raise more money.



Can Koozies are a great way to promote your cause and raise money.



Selling sponsorships at your event? You’ll need banners to promote your supporters.

Web Store

Web Stores

Setup an online web store to sell your merchandise to everyone in your social media circle.

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