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Why Design?

In the internet-savvy, piracy-driven world we all call home, getting grubby hands on graphic design software has become as easy as stealing an album from a starving artist. As a consequence, the promise of “custom design” is about as reassuring as employing a Polar Bear as a personal body guard…Pretty friggin’ cool in theory, you guys, but things could get really ugly.

We are neither piracy-driven, nor Polar Bears posing as body guards. We are professionals. And constant purveyors of the art of Design. We pride ourselves on our creativity and perfectionism. A perfectionism we are able to ensure all the way through production due to our small company’s collaborative spirit. To put it simply, our benchmarks for success are based on blown minds.

Too White Crew Sketch Too White Crew Final

Too White Crew

Our design team started by sketching out the concept for this Too White Crew t-shirt design on paper. A few hours of creativity later and we had a fully baked, custom design that was ready for use.

Gold Rush Sketch Gold Rush Final

Gold Rush

Creating this logo and image was fun. We started by drawing the concept out on paper to really get a feel of how it should look. Then we took that concept, digitized it and ran with it to produce this final look.

Burly's Landscaping & Trucking


In our experience, the most neglected aspect of small businesses is branding. Perhaps it’s the fear of spending even more money when every dollar is already stretched so thin. Maybe it’s simply overlooked while navigating all of the other potential pitfalls of establishing a business. Whatever the case, a strong brand goes a long way toward initiating trust, telling your story, and explaining to customers why they should choose you.

While branding extends far beyond the visuals, it is the visual we excel at. By working with you, we can harness the perfect visual elements, from logo to collateral, to represent your business while helping to establish a clear brand and message that you want to convey to your customers. As an added bonus, we know the value of a dollar and take extra pride in delivering work that is better than you imagined and not breaking the bank.

SwayzeFest T-Shirt Design


Aaah, the T-shirt…as American as the T-shirt.

Our designs expertly printed on top quality t-shirts (disclaimer: quality of shirt really depends on what the customer wants to spend. We have a wide range of options available). What more is there to say, really? Well, aside from the fact that we are happy to print your design if you prefer. Also, prices vary greatly, so please contact us by phone or e-mail for quotes.

Honor Flight Sign Design

Marketing Material

There’s a 95.86% chance that we can create what you need. Business cards, brochures, booklets, banners, signs, shirts; the list goes on and on. Feel free to contact us with specific questions and for custom quotes.

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