Camp Big Sky

When seeing a lack of opportunity for those with disabilities, Brad Guidi dreamed of a place where any individual with any disability could enjoy the outdoors.  Through many generous donations and countless volunteer hours, Brad and his team have built a beautiful camp where people with any disability can access the serenity of nature.  As someone confined to a wheelchair with Muscular Dystrophy I can appreciate what a place like this really means to someone.  Wheelchair accessible docks and boats make fishing possible; deck board paths winding through the timber allows wheelchair users the opportunity to access the outdoors; cabins and camp sites built with accessibility in mind.  All these attributes can be found at Camp Big Sky free of charge to any person with a disability and their guests. I launched this campaign not only to help fund their efforts, but also to spread their passion to the world.  Help me create a brighter and bigger sky at Camp Big Sky.

Travis M. Platt